Starting the Year off with a BANG!

I'm only 8 days into January and some significant things are happening! I'm encouraged and excited to lean into the new year. Keep reading to hear all about what's happening!!


Nominated for a SAMMIES AWARD!

I was honored to be Nominated by a bunch of folks for a SAMMIES Award (Sacramento Music Award) in the Singer/Songwriter Category! 

Talk about exciting! Official Voting starts on January 10th! I'd love it if you'd take a second to vote for me in the Singer/Songwriter Category (and for some of the other talented folks in Sacramento!) Here's the link to cast your vote:


In My Blood by Shawn Mendes Cover/Parody Video 

On New Years Day me and my husband filmed a funny cover song/parody video of Shawn Mendes song "In My Blood"! I took it from the perspective of Mom Life and I think it turned out hilarious, especially the end! I hope it makes you smile.

This is a mom life parody of Shawn Medes song In My Blood! Hope you enjoy it and it makes you laugh! :) Me and My Husband Brett Evans shot this video by ourselves with the help of my kids & Nieces!

This year, I'm doing something SUPER cool! I'm recording 12 Songs in 12 Months and I'm going to VLOG about my process and post the videos on Youtube! My hope is that: #1 you have some new songs to enjoy, and #2 that I can pitch the songs to TV & Film for more music Placements on shows! Then, in 2020 I'll release a completed hard copy Album of 12 songs to sell at shows! 

I have already started recording the 1st song in the Project with a Producer named Adam Agin in Nashville! Adam co-produced & helped write a few songs on Andrew Belle's Album The Ladder, which is one of my favorite Albums of all time. Plus, a ton of the songs on that album were placed on TV Shows like Grey's Anatomy & more...!

Be sure to Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to Follow along on the Journey! My 1st video is up now!

12 Songs. 12 Months. Follow the Journey as Singer Songwriter Heather Evans writes and records 12 Songs in 12 Months!!
Anything's Possible is song 2 of 12 in my 12 Songs in 12 Months Project! I just began demoing for it and Jeffrey Kunde is producing it in February 2019!

THE COOLEST THING HAPPENED! Me and my friend Myra Gleason from the music Duo Stereo RV, WON tickets to go to the SyncKeepers Event in LA!! It CAN'T be coincidence that right after I start going hard after getting songs Synced for TV & FILM, that this door opens!! I am overjoyed and can't wait to soak it all in. PLUS, I get to submit songs for the panel to listen to!

I can’t wait to experience all that is about to happen this year!! It’s going to be an incredible year.