Songland, Music Video release and more!

Updates Galore!

This season of doing music has been SO incredible. I am amazed at how far I've come in just a short year of committing to doing music full time. Here's a few exciting updates of what I've been up to!

A Call from the Casting Director of the New NBC TV Show Songland

Yes, you read that right. Last week, I got a call from the Casting Director of the new NBC TV show Songland asking if I knew of any Songwriters they could cast for the show since I run the Sacramento Songwriter Circle. I sent a list of 15 Songwriters PLUS they asked for my music and gave me their personal email to send it to. My hope is that one of the Sacramento Songwriters or myself could get on the show and show what an awesome music community we have here! 

Even if I don't get on the show, I felt SUPER encouraged by the process and it forced me to write a new awesome song and finish one I was dragging my feet on! Can't wait to see what happens..

Deeper Still Music Video Release

October 15th was Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Day & I released a music video for my song "Deeper Still" that my friend Danielo from Sage & Wild Co & Tyler Watley helped me make.  It captured the emotion of the song beautifully. Many Momma's were reaching out to me and saying how the video resonated with them. If you haven't seen it yet, it's on my Facebook Page & on YouTube (I'll post it below!)

We'll be doing a special Music Video Release Viewing on Friday, November 9th at 7 pm in Lincoln at 1105 Chesley Lane, Lincoln, CA. YOU are invited to come! There will be live music, stories behind the songs and videos AND you can see the behind the scenes of how we made the videos! It will be a fun night & it's FREE.

I just did a photo shoot with Lily & Danielo of Sage & Wild Co for some upcoming projects so look out on my Social Media for those new shots! :) Here’s one of my faves!


I also had the awesome opportunity to go live on the Air at KXVS Radio in Stockton TWICE! Once for the morning show with Chezz Day and once in the evening for the Entrepreneur show Challenge Mode with Ben Sanchez! 


Thank you for following along on this crazy journey! I hope to see you at some upcoming shows!!